Continuum Advisory, LLC


Continuum Advisory, LLC was created on the principals of support, creativity,and flexibility to truly be a partner for tomorrow. Allowing advisors to be on the cutting edge of a constantly changing financial world allows them to stay ahead of the game through partnerships with custodians, investment managers, and other advisors.

Our Vision
At the end of 2011, the founders of Continuum Advisory first discussed the changing landscape of the investment world and what their ideal Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) might look like, and a vision began to take shape. The vision included a collaborative environment from coast to coast where advisors could truly own their own business. 

Six months later, the three advisors flew to Orange County to discuss and explore the concept further, adding depth to the vision.

After another year and a half of defining and refining our business model, it was presented to our then Broker/Dealers's (B/D) President and CEO in Pleasanton and was met with encouragement and approval.

In May of 2014, the founders again met with the B/D's President in West Palm Beach to create a schedule platform for building the RIA. For the next year and a half, monthly conference calls took place with the B/D's senior management, and a foundation for Continuum Advisory was laid.

The three founders then met in Colorado in February of 2015 for a two-day planning session to finalize details and focus on the technology needed. 

At the Leader's Conference in Maui, May of 2015, the final conversation with the B/D's senior management took place, and after the announcement of our acquisition by our new B/D was made in November of 2015, our current B/D, readily agreed to approve the RIA.


Continuum Advisory understands that every advisor is different. There is no top down approach when decisions are made. All advisors have a say in the route that Continuum may decide to go. Investors who allow Continuum Advisory to be the focal point of their portfolio gain access to cutting edge technology and ideas that come from all over the country from our colleagues. Through portfolio managers, clients are able to gain insight from top managers in the industry. 



Allow Continuum Advisory to provide you a better future starting tomorrow by finding an advisor near you on our advisors page.